Month: September 2017

Why You Should Hire an SEO Agency in Hertfordshire

Hiring An Agency To Look After Your SEO May Be The Best Investment You Make!

Learning SEO by yourself is very time consuming and we know how busy you can get, especially if you are a business owner. If you do not have hours per day and months of time for learning and testing, hiring a professional SEO agency is the way to go.

SEO should not be thought of as a service fee, it should be thought of as a business investment.

Search Engine Optimisation is a service with a very high ROI. By using different analytic tools to find out where you are currently ranking, you will often find great keywords with high traffic and good conversion rates, which you already rank for. You can use this to your advantage and bump yourself up a couple of spots to make use of that keyword.

Most users will click on the first 3 search results and by making sure you are ranked within these 3 results could be a game changer for your business.

SEO is the process to get your website discovered online.

Your website is like a virtual office. It is open every day, every hour, every minute. There is no use to have a beautifully designed website just sitting there not doing anything. Not getting any clicks and not being visited. Services like SEO Hertfordshire will make sure your website is found with ease. Without it, your website will not be found and therefore there will be no need for it.


Although SEO alone is very powerful, you should mix it in with other marketing techniques and channels to create an internet marketing beast!

Search marketing is the best internet marketing strategy out there. And it will be for a very long time to come. It is the best way to get new clients and it is an automated way of doing so. The customers will find YOU, they will contact YOU, so it is an effortless way of getting new customers. Especially if you are outsourcing search engine optimisation, then it requires no input from you at all.

Saying that, SEO is not the only effective online advertising method out there. In order to build an internet marketing beast around your business, you need to think about other methods as well. This includes social media and utilising sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube. It has never been easier to reach new people and this is thanks to social media platforms. Branding, which is a big part of social media marketing is also very important. You need to establish a brand that stands out and is trustworthy.

All these online marketing methods together make a great wall around your business, constantly attracting new customers.

Search engine marketing is never, ever too expensive.

There is not a single method out there that is as likely to pay off as SEO. As long as you select a great company to work with, which knows what they’re doing, you are all set. Now be careful when selecting agencies to work with, as the cheapest in most cases, offers the least quality. A lot of the time, the most expensive agency is the best agency!

If you feel that the fee an agency quotes you is too high, don’t be afraid to ask them why it is so high. You should look into how they differ from the cheaper options and I can tell you with certainty that the reason is quality. Quality of service, links, coding, optimisation – everything.

When implementing SEO, quality is very important as Google updates their algorithms sometimes a number of times in one day. Quality SEO means that these algorithm changes will not negatively impact your website. This is partly what you are paying the higher price tag for, not just ranking your website now, but also making sure it stays there in the future. Think of it this way – the difference between high price SEO and low price is like the difference between a Ford KA and a Lamborghini.

Outsourcing SEO is a very smart move.

It is always a smart move to hire professionals to do your SEO for you. Search engine optimisation is very complicated and hard to keep up with. Doing this while running your business would not give you enough time to sleep! So it’s best left for the SEO specialists to do.

An SEO agency works with SEO every day. They research SEO every day. This means they will be kept up to date with the latest SEO news and current best practices. It is what they do. Furthermore, it is much faster to get the results you are after if you hire an agency as they have a dedicated team working on your website. Yes, a cheap service will save your money in the short term but cost you a huge amount more in the long term.